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Quick vid shows how to set the idle mixture on a Studbaker V8 with WCFB carburetor using a vacuum gauge to find the best mixture. I hooked up a gauge and getting 15 to 16 vacuum.idles at best after less than 1 turn idle is. Hey I have a Holley 750 cfm on a 400 sbc. Buy Holley 26-501 Analog Vacuum Gauge Gauge Sets - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on elible. Just cannot by known name brands anymore without ending up with trash. Very easy to connect, and excellent performance.


Where to hook up vacuum gauge on holley:
Carburetor Adjustment Idle Mixture Screw With Vacuum Gauge Chevy Small Block SBC Vortec Heads. gReGsKi GmAiL. Loading. Hook up the electric choke to an nition-switched, 12-volt source. Vacuum-operated Secondary Tuning Holley ships the Truck Avengers. you have a good, nondamped vacuum gauge or a tachometer and a good ear. This tech paper will discuss basic set-up and tuning of Holley vacuum. Hook up a vacuum gauge to the intake manifold or to one of the vacuum ports at the.


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Before connecting the linkage, operate the throttle lever to ensure the correct travel. Attach the vacuum gauge to a manifold vacuum port on the throttle body. In example one, a HOLLEY® 3310 750CFM vacuum secondary was used. Hook up fuel lines and vacuum lines if used refer to factory manual or under hood. Now adjust each mixture screw for the hhest vacuum reading on a gauge or.


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Engine testing with a Vacuum Gauge - cal Articles at Greg's Engine. Connect the vacuum gauge hose as close to the intake manifold as possible and. Tuning my carb and vacuum with advanced hooked up and then not hooked up. Diagnose Engine Problems With Vacuum Gauge "How To".

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