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SI Flow Switch – Frequently Asked Questions. What is the minimum and maximum flow rate? It depends on the media. How do I install the SI series sensor? Water Flowswitch Specifications • Low Flow. Will Switch Motors Up to 1 HP. 125 VAC & 2. Install filter or strainer before Flowswitch to prevent the risk of. Screw adjusts the rate of flow required to actuate the switch. Table 1 SPDT Switch Wiring. Types. Switch Wiring. F61KB, F61KD, F61LB color-coded terminals.


Flow switch hook up:
NET. WATER FLOWSWITCH. GRID CONTROLS - 1" Water Flowswitch. Install filter or strainer before Flowswitch to prevent the risk of sand and/or debris from. CAUTION See "Switch Ratings" before connecting power. CAUTION Flow settings for FS-920 series switches are normally calibrated using water** @ +70° F on. The T21 thermal differential flow switch uses a thermal differential que to measure liquid flow, level or interface by sensing changes in the.


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Micro-switch operation For Single-channel versions only Using the micro-switch on the instruments, several actions can be. IQ+FLOW® hook-up diagram. Depending on your flow switch needs, SOR can provide models for a variety of applications such as flow/no flow, adjustable set points and even liquid.


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The end of the manual, before attempting installation. 1.0. General. The KAL-L KAL-8000 Series Thermal Air Flow Switch uses the proven calorimetric principle. Multi-functional switch 9. connection Electrical connections must be made with a standard cable or according to the mini CORI-FLOW hook-up diagram.

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