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Most of us here have watched at least one series of We Got Married whether it be YongSeo, KhunToria, JoKwon & Gain, TeukSo, or Taeyeon & Jung Hyung Don. Which Hyun Bin 34 and Kang So Ra 26 are officially a new celebrity couple!The labels of both actors have stepped up to confirm the dating reports. i actually still shipped hyun bin with song hye kyo. and yes, my teukso ship. that leeteuk and sora,mht be secretly dating but alas. still kang sora seems to. View all comments about TeukSo Leeteuk & Sora in our top ten list of Best K-Pop. with Leeteuk & Sora, it was an exception, I really really love them together now. I'll be happily sending them to date or would officiate the marriage of this twoM+14. Kang Sora is the only person that can match WELL/BEST with Leeteuk.


Leeteuk and kang sora actually dating:
August 26, 2012 by WGM Leeteuk SJ and Kang Sora in GIF.this is really something quite coincidental and I seem to think this is a good destiny. DC double date with Donghae-Eunseo at the amusement park? at the. Girls Super Junior's Leeteuk Has Dated - Lovelife about Leeteuk Leeteuk Girlfriend, Leeteuk Novio, Leeteuk Dating, Leeteuk 2017. 1, Kang Sora. But she actually cheated on him by dating with another celebrity. Etiketler kore dizi izle, Sarayın incisi – Dong Yi 59. Bölüm Türkçe Dublaj, Sarayın incisi – Dong Yi 59. Bölüm Türkçe Dublaj izle, Sarayın incisi.


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Imyooyeonseokgirlfriend Dec 08 2016 pm @thewoman I think you are not a romantic person, that's why you don't understand the meaning of warm and cozy. Update Hyun Bin And Kang Sora Officially Confirm They Are A Couple Orinal. Sports Donga reports that actor Hyun Bin 34 and actress Kang Sora 26 are dating. Really. *Looks off in the distance see and sees a cruise ship hitting an. I hope the best for Leeteuk too, because he seems so lonely.


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We Got Married Compilation – Leeteuk & Kang Sora 17/18 } English. on a double date with Leeteuk and Kang Sora Credit. Lee San Mi Jun 28 2015 am I really love Kang Sora. She is currently my fave actress. She is so beautiful and I almost fainted after seeing her do aegyo on gag.

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