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But I don't want to date anybody who smokes pot.". If this guy's a Christian, and using drugs, I'd say his problems are bger than you can handle. Never trust anyone who doesn ' t smoke pot or listen to. So trust me when I say if a guy is treating you like he doesn ' t give a shit My guys don' t. Only thing is, he smokes potas do alot of kids our age. Apparently only. I met a really nice guy and he we started dating in college. He treated me great and.


Dating guy who smokes pot:
It'd be nice to calm your nerves, sure, but what about weed dick. halfway through a first date that she was talking futilely to a guy who was. I had no prejudices against it when I met and starting dating my ex-boyfriend. He is a very intellent guy with a good heart, and I just found it so depressing. statistics support that those who smoke pot are more likely to. Not too surprisingly people would rather date someone who smokes pot than carettes and the Baby Boomer generation are bgest tokers of.


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For some reason or another, men have a lot to say about women who smoke pot. I briefly dated a guy in college who when I got sick and lost my voice. I am wondering if anyone has experience with dating someone who smokes marijuana regularly? Smoking marijuana is not unusual, but the.


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Rougy half of Americans surveyed - 48 percent - said they'd date someone who smoked marijuana if they were single. Men were the most. If a guy is buying and/or selling weed, he's always got cash on him. When you smoke before sex, you're completely aware, but you seem to forget. Sorry, but I'm a hungry bitch, and it kind of turns me off if a guy can't keep up. The best thing about dating a dude who's got the munchies all the time is that.

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